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Not only offering Property for sale in Bali or land for sale in Ubud Bali, we do develop the too. We proudly offer a real ” One stop property solution ” in Bali.

Here is a small part of our Property work that we had documented.


Hotel Eighteen Kuta

Located at Jalan Sari Kuta Bakung project began in early July 2011 and targeted for completion in mid-December 2011. Our team is involved in the planning process, supervision and subcontractor for some job classifications. Picture taken in early August 2011.

Q-Bar Seminyak

Bar dengan 2 This floor was built in the year 2007 areal seluas 410 m2. Bar, who is famous in the area Seminyak It has a very unique interior design and is the only bar with steel construction time.

Dwelling house 2 Floor

The project is located on Jalan Ahmad Yani began in mid-July 2011. Homes with 2 floor stands in an area of 300 m2 and are targeted to be completed by mid-October 2011. Building area totaled 410 m2. This photo was taken in mid-August 2011

Rumah Kos / apartment

Rumah kos 3 floor is located in the Renon built on an area of 11 as are the number of rooms 11 rooms on each floor. With the concept is equipped with air conditioning exclusif, Air panas / be heard, Cable TV and WiFi will raise the price of rent of this cost. Built in February 2011 , owner plans to operate a floor 1 and 2 in early July 2011 while the floor 3 will be completed next year.

Garment owned by Mr. Haji Hidayat is located in the western Gatsu built in 2008 with steel construction. Building area reaches 1200 m2 and equipped with lifts to support the production process.

Two Bar Kuta – Renovations

Our team is doing renovations and redisign to look ahead and some parts of the interior Two Bar in the early years 2009. Lulu’s father’s bar is located in the Seminyak Kuta

Rumah Bali ( house ) modern style

Located in the Sidakarya, home 2 Adi’s father owned the second floor displays the beauty of Balinese architecture with a combination of materials for modern buildings. Built in 2007 over an area of 300 m2 with overall building 400 m2

Languge Course ILP

It is located close to several famous schools in Denpasar, precisely at Jalan Melati, building 2 This story was actually designed with the concept of shop, but by adjusting the shape and size of some office building is eventually used as a course. Standing in an area of 320 m2 with building 400 m2 built at the end of the year 2008.

Residential Renovation

Starting as a home type 54, mid-April in 2010 we were asked to make building on vacant land just adjacent to the newly purchased home owners. With a little old house remodel front and side walls we strive mendisign and create a new two-story building as part of the old house.


Nice Villa was built in 2009 located in Jl. Tiying Tultul, Canggu.


Located at the Tegal Lantang, Ubud villa Milik Mr.. David, we got up early this year.


Exclusive Residential Cluster concept Residence is located on the Pemogan, Denpasar. Built in 2008


TownHouse located at Jl. Bedugul Sidakarya we wake up in the year 2010


Cluster Residence, located on Jl. Palapa consists of 16 unit rumah, built in 2010

Rukan Gatsu

Home Office which is located at the Lake Winnipesaukee was built in Denpasar know 2010.

RUKO Sidakarya

Built in 2010 home store is located at Bedugul road Sidakarya we wake up in the year 2010

Logistic company office is located in the Ngurah Rai Bypas, we woke up at yahun 2000

and many other of our properties that we have made

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